Our restored 1960’s vespa is ready to tap all your favorite beverages that are sure to please any crowd.

Its mobility and small size allows the Vespa to tap in backyards, driveways, outdoor venues, and most indoor venues with proper clearance.

Its neutral European design can be decorated to fit any party theme, and can either be an addition to an existing bar or the main bar at your gathering.

Can be used with or without the Grey & White European inspired glassware rack canopy.


Our stand alone digital selfie booth is a great addition to your event.

With its sleek and compact design, (no bulky backdrops, lights, or props) it can be used anywhere to utilize your event’s existing decor, as long as it is within 50 feet of a power supply.

Images, gifs, & boomerangs created at the selfie station, can be sent directly to your guests’ phones.

At this time the selfie station can only be rented as an add-on to any mobile bar package.